8 Tips for Less Stress in Work and Life

Tips for Less Stress

Every day the hours seem to become too heavy, there is too much to do and there seems to be no time for everything. Not only are job responsibilities but also have to deal with personal life issues. If you have a family that can deal with stress can multiply in a remarkable way then do contact some Havening practitioner

But also a relaxed routine is possible.Carrying a less stressful day-to-day life can be achieved with the following steps.

Tips to Avoid Stress

  • Do one thing at a time

It is time to leave behind the myth of multitasking. Sometimes sporadic can be effective but in reality what happens is that productivity goes down and none of the things are done in the most efficient way possible.

When you only do one thing at a time the performance is much higher because you are using all the resources provided by the brain, there is no back skill. There are many types of social networks and it does not help to keep an eye on them while doing the work, because apart from losing efficiency, tension is generated.

In addition, you must always give priority to the most important or of greater difficulty. Thus you will have guarantee of completing them without so many complications, optimizing time and avoiding an accumulation of tension. Learning to concentrate allows you to be more productive.

  •  Double the estimate of the time that will take you a task

How many times did you think that a task would take a little time and in the end, you were much more than expected?

It is something that happens to us frequently. In the end, you are getting more stress because you thought you would get rid of it much sooner.

To prevent this feeling of pressure doubles the time you considered the beginning. In addition to this form if any inconvenience arises you can take advantage of that extra space, the same if you have made a mistake and have to modify something.

  • Stop being unpunctual

It does not always come from the same being late because external factors also influence. Sometimes you have a meeting and the car does not start, you can find a lot of traffic or be part of an accident.

But if you are mindful of getting things done earlier, getting up earlier and going out with more time at home can always minimize those factors. That way if any of these situations happen you do not have to panic or generate stress. You will solve the situation in a much more relaxed way and you will have room to find solutions.

Do not forget to leave most things prepared the night before so you do not have to do it in the morning before you leave. It avoids occupying a valuable time that would otherwise be just on time or be late, with consequent pressure.

  • Take a walk and get some fresh air

When things get quite stressful it is best to disconnect by taking a 5- or 10-minute walk to clear your mind and take in fresh air.

It makes you relax at times, think differently and make the body move, important to shake the tension. It also improves mood and increase energy level.

  • Avoid the rush

This is a lot when it comes to going to work, having a meeting or when you have to take or pick up the children to school. You cannot always have all the time you want, but if it is first thing you can get up earlier as mentioned above and make the journey in a more leisurely way.

Look for routes that are longer but less collapsed so that the path is more enjoyable, less stressful and even you can admire the situations and landscapes that you will find.

  • Enjoy the silence

Silence can mean something totally different depending on the type of person. In addition, each moment is special because it is not the same thing in the early hours of the morning, the serenity of the field, when you turn off the engine of the car or when you finish ordering your house.

At least once a day you deserve to find that feeling of calm and tranquility. That deep disconnect that gives silence, being in deep calm avoiding any symptom of stress.

  • Breathe

Yes, it is that simple. Breathing can reduce any type of anxiety or tension, eliminates stress and blood pressure. You can always complement the previous disconnections by going to another room or place and start with deep breaths.

Doing it psychologically improves the body, invites you to find yourself much better and face everything in a more positive way.

  • Achieve a balance between work and personal

Working too much is not only stressful; it can also affect your overall health. That is why it is important to always have a balance with personal life. This does not mean that it will always be a 50-50 as there will be times when it will be a 70 while others will drop to a 20.

But keep an egalitarian line in the long run, which allows you to disconnect and enjoy, either with your friends or family. Also doing activities that make you feel good and have a hobby.

It is something that we should all really do to enjoy ourselves more and have better health relaxation, because in the end so much tension is taking its toll. Do you have other tips to share? Leave your suggestions and comments below. And if this note is useful do not stop sharing it in your social networks.

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