How Can Opiate Addiction be cured with Cannabinoids?

There can be few things that are as bad as being addicted to opium. Such an addiction can wreck havoc with a person’s life by making it difficult for him to carry out his day to day tasks in an effective manner. What is worse, getting rid of opium addiction is not too easy as there are severe withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced by a person upon doing so. The use of CBD has been suggested as an alternative for long term opium cure. It is believed that CBD can not only bring about a significant reduction in the consumption of opium but that it can also help to reduce many of the withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up opium intake. Here’s a source.

CBD can thus help opium users to easily overcome their addiction without them having to take any recourse to psychoactive medication. This article talks about how cannabinoids can effectively replace opiates and assist in overcoming such an addiction without bringing on any adverse side effects in doing so.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are nothing but compounds which are contained in the small but extensively grown cannabis plant. CBD is a non psychoactive that can be successfully used in reducing feelings of intoxication or being on a high. There are numerous medical benefits associated with cannabinoids such as the prevention of inflammation and neural degeneration. The effects of cannabinoids are produced when these act on specific receptors in the human, or in the animal body.

What is the Relation between Cannabinoids and Opiates?

Cannabinoids especially CBD are known to be very similar to opiates because of the manner in which these are capable of acting on the receptors that are specified for opiates. The opiates stimulate these receptors while CBD on the other hand impacts such receptors negatively.

Can CBD be used for Combating Opium Addiction?

As CBD is capable of connecting successfully to the opium receptors in a person’s brain it can reduce a person’s need to take more and more opium. According to research the use of 10 mg of CBD can block opium addiction to a huge extent. Thus those suffering from opium addiction can actually go ahead and get rid of their addiction without having to go through many of the negative consequences upon doing so, such as withdrawal symptoms. Such symptoms are pretty awful and can be more of a bane than a boon when they surface.

Is CBD Safer than Opiates?

CBD is something that can be safely administered in adults. It is characterised by a high level of tolerance and can be ingested safely in an extensive range of doses. The only side effect associated with CBD is diarhhea and tiredness, both of which can be neglected in comparison to the side effects of CBD which are far more dangerous and harmful.

What are the Different Ways in which CBD can be used?

CBD can be used in the form of vapes and tinctures. It can also be used as a topical solution.

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CBD may be used in just about any form depending on the tolerance and suitability level of a person.

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