Early Pregnancy signs which you feel

early pregnancy symptoms

The feeling of being pregnant is not common, there are a lot of early symptoms of pregnancy which starts appearing a few week later of conception. There are a lot of methods to check the pregnancy tests. Here are some early pregnancy symptoms which can be observed easily. These signs that you are pregnant can be body pain, Brest pain, fatigue.

The  signs and symptoms of pregnancy are more explained below:-


  • Missed  Period:- The most common sign that you are pregnant is that you will get missed period. But not all missed or delay in your period in is caused due to pregnancy.


  • Constipation:-The hormonal changes can cause the digestive problems & may further lead to constipation cases during pregnancy.


  • Frequent Urination:- The peeing in this care starts very frequently after two to three weeks. It is because your body starts producing a hormones called hCG which leads to frequent urination.


  • Fatigue:-  It is common to see, you will feel tired just with in one week. It very often because of hormone released by your body called progesterone and other things like low blood pressure, low sugar level & boost in blood production in your body. The best advice to get ride of this is penalty of rest & eat foods which contain high protein.


  • Slight Bleeding:- This bleeding is common & occur during the menstruation cycle period is the signs of pregnancy before missed period . But the blood is very a few as compared to the period time this is called implantation bleeding . It happens when fertilized eggs are attached to the lining of uterus just after 10 to 14 days after conception period. It is also called  spotting during pregnancy.


  • Tender & swollen Breasts:- Tender breast nipples are common sign of pregnancy. It is due to hormonal change which may cause your breast sore, sensitive OR tender. You starts feeling heavier breast fuller breast.


  • Cramps during pregnancy:-  It very common & often during pregnancy. That means that any time your uterus is stimulated — by a full bladder, vigorous exercise, or something more. If it is causing pain to you then contact the doctor but do not use the heating pad over the abdomen.


  • Sensitive to smell:- Yes, it is very common but there is not any research that prove it “why it actually happen”. The sensitive to smell increases & you always want to eat the dead fish, sour test and other stuffs. The best way is to stay away from smell and use the unscented cleaners and toiletries.


  • Morning sickness:-  Expert says  that  morning sickness is very common after the 6th week. Approx 50% to 60% women suffer it. Try to take vitamin B6 OR B12 . but if you are losing weight then it is serious concern for you and contact you doctor.


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