Effects of household pest on human health

It’s not very difficult finding pests in your home. You can easily find roaches rats, ants, and a few others pests in your house. These ugly looking pests not only irritate us, but along with that, they are also harmful for our health. They can affect your health in many ways, and therefore we get one more reason to hate them. In this article, I have shared the information about the common house pests which affect your health, and you can find them easily inside your house. So let’s take a look to them.

Common House Pests that Affect your Health

Rats & Mice

These are very common in the rural areas, but also easily found in the urban cities. These rodents affect our health in various ways, and therefore they cause many types of diseases. Whether or not they get food in your house and kitchen, but it’s sure that they will contaminate your house.

Mice constantly drop urine, and therefore wherever they go, they contaminate the floor. These urine drops carry germs like salmonella or meningitis, and both of them cause diseases to humans. Therefore, using best ultrasonic mice repellents can be a good a way to repel them away from your house, so they won’t enter in your home.


Bedbugs don’t carry any diseases carrying germs or parasites, but instead of this, still they can make you suffer. Their bites can lead to scars, rashes, and lesions. The bites of these creatures not only cause pain, but they are also responsible for various psychological effects. If you are sharing your bed with them, then you can get stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.


Fleas don’t fly, but still they have strong legs, and therefore they are able to jump on any pet’s body. These little blood suckers not only drink animals blood, they also drink human blood. They attach themselves to any living organism for their blood.

If fleas bite you, then you can get allergic reaction, or it can cause anaphylaxis in some people. If they’re accidently swallowed, then it can be highly dangerous. In case of children, high care is required, because they can be infected very easily.


What’s the most disgusting pest? Your answer will be roaches. Everyone hates cockroaches. But along with their disgusting look, they are very quick in spreading germs and diseases to humans. Roaches live in the dirty environments, and when they come out in your house, they spread germs.

If you have placed food in the open like onions, potato etc, they scuttle over it. Wherever these dirty roaches go, they leave harmful germs, parasites, and pathogens, and all of these are badly affect human health.


So, these were the most common pests which you can find in your house. They are responsible for causing many health issues and problems to you and your family. Therefore, ignoring their presence in your house can be a big mistake for you. So, take proper precaution measures to fight against these dirty pests, so you can make your family healthy and away from the diseases.




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