What is healthcare its importance and advantages

The Health Care Or Healthcare is the regular improvement of the health with the help of diagnosis, treatment for the  prevention of disease, illness, injury. The Diagnosis, treatment & prevention is delivered by health professional and some corporate in the form of health insurance. Health care can contribute to a significant part of the country economy. 

The healthcare is distributed mainly in to the form of 3 types :- 

  • Primary care :- The Primary healthcare refers to the first step patients under the treatment of the general practitioner/family Physician/ physiotherapist  OR Non-Physician primary care provider. Primary care may include asthma, COPD, depression, hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety, back pain, arthritis or thyroid dysfunction.
  • Secondary Care:- The Secondary healthcare includes gemerally those patients who do not have first contact with the patients. These healthcare professionals includes cardiologists, urologists and dermatologists.
  • Tertiary care:- Tertiary care means consultative health care, it usually includes inpatients and on referral patients from a primary or secondary health professionals. 

Why Healthcare is important? 

Healthcare is an important to keep healthy body, a healthy workplace OR a healthy community and a healthy nation. This help in  good health, good workplace with its employees and customers.The healthcare community is protected from contagious disease and the loss of tax revenue from illnesses, our national security is threatened when our nation suffers from a lack of good health services, and nation suffers heavy loss of people and workforce. 

The Obamacare an unofficial name of the Patient protection & affordable care act which was signed by the President Barack Obama in 2010. It provides affordable health insurance, regulate health  industry & improve quality of health care in united state. 

Advantages of Healthcare:- 

Health care sector is booming with the demand which is fulfilling the carrier as well as health issues of the people. The healthcare plans includes the sectors like:-

  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Insurance 
  • Hospital treatment 
  • Patient care & many more. 

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