Make homemade laxative by yourself!

A laxative is a tool was born for people who find it hard to run the process of evacuation which is called constipation. In the period of discharging foods inside the bowels, it causes a lot of hurts which are not easy to cope with, especially it is deep in the body. Then you need to find the way to get out of this situation. Not expensive, not time-consuming, not take too many efforts – the homemade laxative – the most convenient way to cope with this problem.

A laxative is used when dryness appears in muscles of digest tract. Constipation is considered to be more serious when people who have the above symptoms, are suffering the huge change in mental or physical health condition such as the stress of working, studying or even being in a relationship. Besides, it also exists while a woman is pregnant, for a person who skips meals regularly, they will face this phenomenon. Otherwise, there are more than 3 of this reasons for constipation.

homemade laxative

Not having the process of evacuation regularly or often as normal will be the very first sign. You find it hard while you are trying to sweep the waste products out of your bowels. Because of the time that wastes stay inside the body longer than it should be, then a range of side effect could happen to you. For instance, acnes on face and body, vomiting, swelling, abdominal pain.

If you don’t pay much more attention to this from the start, you should come with a more chronic situation which makes you have to see the doctor with a huger amount of money, time and effort. Then you should be aware of your medical condition right now and do some tips that we are providing below to get well as soon as possible.

Drink more water

According to the mechanism of evacuation, when the waste locates a long time inside bowels, it loses water. That’s why the form of waste would be more tightened and harder to go out than normal. The problem here is to provide yourself with much more amount of water to support the bowels or waste with hydration to get it out much easier.

The thing is this would take a long time before you get the result as you want. Our recommendation is you should drink warm water in the morning before having breakfast at least 30 minutes. Because during that time, when stomach doesn’t have anything inside which is the
time that it cannot produce wastes. In addition, warm water gets in the bowels would help to soften the wastes and make it go out easy as a pie without any extra-waste.

After 2-3 days doing the tip above, we confirm that it would help you. After drink warm water, you can have breakfast with some easy -to -digest food in order to provide the most significant chance for bowels to work and pull back constipation.

Use oils for treatment

Castor oil or olive oil is used as the most decisive laxative in the case you have tried things recommended by the doctors. Oil helps the bowel and digestive system to be promoted. You can easily make some mixture of oil, for example, a combination of castor oil with warm milk. You
can also consider the mixture of olive oil with lemon juice.

There is a vast of ways to mix oil with others. However, you have to remember to drink it before meals at least 30 minutes. While doing so, you can make breakfast or have some preparation for new day of working… What a convenient method!

Have bananas on diets

When you are in constipation, you have better to implement your body with fiber and potassium. Luckily, banana is a huge repository of fiber and potassium. Electrolytes rate will be in balance mode if you consume a certain amount of bananas during days. Not only good for electrolytes, but it is also helpful for increasing positive bacteria in bowels. Those bacteria and electrolytes are believed to be dramatically influent in the process of evacuation.

Papaya – a panacea

Having fruits is seldom the bad way to get healthier, especially papaya. Papaya has a range of vitamins such as vitamin C, A, B1, B6. Besides, it includes several enzymes, and 212 amino acids are deeply essential for stomach which has the desire to own anti-inflammatory. Especially,
papain or a proteolytic enzyme which promotes the working time of the digestive system.

All of these can be found in papaya, and you need this guy to get your stomach and digestive system to work more probably. Having papaya after each meal can help you prevent the more chronic situation of constipation and improve the other medical conditions.

Any age can use this creature, except pregnant women. It is not recommended for a woman who is having a baby or planning to have a new member in the family.

To sum up, food or fruit has refreshing properties would be on top of the list. Among those were recommended earlier, guavas, carrots, melons, pear are fruits you can replace once you are too tired of others.

On the other hand, you must not smoke or have fried meal for a long time or too many calories. It may cause worse phenomenon and make the evacuation become the donkey work. We hope that you are finding good homemade laxative which would help you to ravage such bothersome situation.

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